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This policy is provided by OHVMCPARTS. 

Read this policy page before placing any orders.  When a purchase is made the purchaser is bound by all provisions of this policy.
This policy covers all aspects of OHVMCPARTS - Storefront, Internet as well as onsite sales at Rally's, Swap Meets and motorcycle trade shows.


OHVMCPARTS strives to give you the lowest prices available. All prices and descriptions contained in this site are subject to change without notice. Reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, however OHVMCPARTS cannot guarantee that accuracy and makes no warranties or representations whatsoever.

All products listed are intended and sold for aftermarket use only. Model designations for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are for reference only. All brand names, trademarks, or registered trademarks used in this website are the property of their respective holders.

Parts Installation

We recommend that you hire a well-trained mechanic to install all functional parts and accessories, especially parts such as, but not limited to: all brake parts, wheels, chains, sprockets, seats, gas tanks, carburetors, air cleaners, fenders, handlebars, shocks, lowering kits, front forks, swingarm, and all other parts not listed above that could effect the safety of the motorcycle.

High Performance and Custom Motorcycle Parts

Warning: The performance parts sold on this website are for off-road and track use only and may be prohibited in some locations.  The installer or owner shall accept all liabilities for any damage to vehicle, property, physical injury or death that was a result of directly or in directly of the installation of high performance and custom motorcycle parts. Installer of these parts and the Operators of the vehicles should both have the level of skill and expertise required to install these parts and operate the motorcycle.  OHVMCPARTS has no control over the usage of any part and assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind because of the misuse or improper application of any parts in any way by any person. OHVMCPARTS shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages.   

Warranty and Liability Limitations

OHVMCPARTS makes no representation or warranties as to any of the products distributed, expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. OHVMCPARTS has no control over the usage of any part and assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind because of the misuse or improper application of any parts in any way by any person. OHVMCPARTS shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages.

Any merchandise guarantees against defects are manufacturer guarantees. Ohvmcparts can but is in no way obligated to act as an intermediator between the manufacturer and the purchaser.  Replacement will be limited to parts only and does not include labor claims of any type. Manufacturers warranties, if applicable will be included with the purchased item. The manufacturer is solely responsible for any damage to person or property arising from design and manufacture and testing of its products and we accept no liability for such damages nor are we responsible for consequential damages.


Occasionally items on our website may become backordered from our suppliers. If our suppliers are unable to fill our backorder within a reasonable time, the item will be removed from the website until it becomes available. If you order an item that is unavailable and has not been removed from the website, you will be contacted by e-mail at that time. You will be offered a full refund to your credit card account or credit towards another purchase. 

Use of Credit Cards

Processing and handling fees concerning the use of credit cards as a form of payment that are charged to Ohvmcparts will be deducted from refunds and returns unless the customer applies the full amount of the return or refund in the form of credit towards future purchases. 

Credit Card Charge Backs

Credit card charge backs that are used to circumvent - avoid following a return policy are not eligible for a refund.  The card holder will be responsible for the entire amount of the original purchase as well as a $50.00 administrative fee for the work required to process and dispute the claim.  Please avoid problems and follow the return policy printed on the bottom of the receipt shipped with your purchase. 

Credit Card Information

You may pay for your order by credit card VISA, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.  All transactions are done thru a secure server for your protection and confidentiality.  Ohvmcparts DOES NOT and WILL NOT share this information with anyone.  All information concerning any customer of Ohvmcparts is between that customer and Ohvmcparts.

Domestic Shipping 

All orders are shipped via USPS parcel post.  Orders exceeding $325.00 shipped by USPS parcel post to lower 48 states will be shipped at no cost to the customer.  Orders of less than $325.00 as well as orders requiring an alternative form of shipping will be charged the appropriate shipping charges.  These shipping charges may be charged when the order is shipped and will show on your credit card issuers statement as a second charge.  The terms of use for credit/debit cards on the Ohvmcparts shopping cart is if you place an order of less than $325.00 that use then grants authorization for second charge on that same credit/debit card for that order only for shipping and handling.  If you do not agree to these terms do not use the shopping cart.  Once the shipper takes possession of the order it is they not OHVMCPARTS that is responsible for safe delivery of the products.  Any Insurance should be requested and paid for prior to shipping.  Any claims should be made to the issuing party and not OHVMCPARTS Frames And other large items may be shipped by UPS.  UPS will not deliver to post office boxes, therefore your street address, apartment number, or 911 rural route address is necessary in those situations.

Out of Country Shipments
U.S. Military Addresses Only

We will ship to Military addresses only.
All other International sales have been suspended.

All orders will be held for a sufficient time to allow for the funds to clear the international banking system.
The amount of time will be determined by OHVMCPARTS on a case by case basis.

All Orders that are out of country shall be deemed as special orders.  Merchandise shall be prepaid.  International certified bank checks will be accepted, however there will be an indefinite hold on all unverifiable transactions.  Held orders will be released upon notification of deposit from our banking agents.  Shipping and insurance charges will be paid by the customer prior to shipping.   Once the shipper takes possession of the order it is they not OHVMCPARTS that is responsible for safe delivery of the products.   Any claims should be made to the issuing party of the insurance policy not to OHVMCPARTS.  All customs, country of destination, and local command rules, laws, and regulations apply.  It is the responsibility of the individual who is placing the order to know and understand these rules, laws, and regulations and not OHVMCPARTS.  Any Duties, tariffs or brokerage fees that are due are the responsibility of the consumer receiving the goods.  Choice of shipping company shall be the sole discretion of OHVMCPARTS.

Orders Made With Out of Country Credit Card

Only credit cards issued by banks within the United States will be accepted.

Delivery Process

Please allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery of domestic orders made online or over the telephone. Overnight and second day air is available for most online and phone orders.  Mail order shipments may take longer to process.  Contact service@ohvmcparts.com  for details and terms.

Damaged Goods

Goods damaged during installation are not returnable.  The installer must accept full responsibility for this damage.

Goods damaged, lost, or stolen in shipment are the responsibility of the shipper. All items shipped by UPS will be insured (valued) at replacement cost. Claims must be made by the customer to the shipper within a reasonable amount of time. If the package appears to be damaged when merchandise is signed for, make a note of it on the electronic clipboard next to your signature. Save the packaging. These steps will be beneficial in securing your claim with the shipper. Once merchandise leaves OHVMCPARTS it becomes the possession of the shipper and they, not OHVMCPARTS, are responsible for the safe delivery of the merchandise.  Failure to notify the shipper of damage will result in your claim being denied. 


Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization. 
Authorized returns will be issued a return authorization number (RMA).  
To help expedite the return process include this number along with the original invoice number with your return.  

Any Shipping/Handling fees covers shipping cost, packaging, labor and administrative costs - not just the shipping cost.  This is a service rendered and paid for and is non-refundable.


All items sold as new on OHVMCPARTS website are new never installed and are in good condition when shipped. All product must be return in the same condition no exceptions.  OHVMCPARTS has a quality control system in place, all items are visually inspected prior to shipment for damage or blems to insure the highest quality of product to the customer.  Merchandise damaged in shipment, refer to Damaged Goods section of Policy Page. Defective products manufacturer warranties may apply. OHVMCPARTS does not express or imply any warranty whatsoever and returns will be at our discretion.

Used parts that are offered on our website are decribed to the best of our ability. Multiple pictures are usually provided for all used parts.
It is the consumers responsibility to determine thru parts #'s provided, description and pictures if that part will work for them.
No returns on used parts, exceptions are discrepencies in the product description or wrong image on the listing. 

All parts are inspected by OHVMCPARTS prior to shipment, an order inspection sheet is filled out and pictures may be taken at that time.  Any discrepancy in the returned parts from the information in the inspection sheet or pictures will result in the denial of your refund.  

Discrepancies must be reported to OHVMCPARTS immediately upon receipt.  No returns will be authorized after 14 days from the date of receipt of merchandise.  Exceptions could be made in cases in which OHVMCPARTS were to act as an agent for the manufacturer in a warranty situation.  In those situations, the manufacturer would be solely responsible for the determination and processing of the claim, not OHVMCPARTS In these cases the customer is responsible for all expenses incurred in returning the item to the manufacturer regardless of their determination.

When items are purchased as a kit the entire kit must be returned there will be no partial credit issued for incomplete kits.

All authorized returns will be carefully packaged, shipped prepaid and insured for the purchase price by the customer to OHVMCPARTS.  Any returns received that are damaged in return shipping due to poor packing or that were not insured by the party doing the return will not be processed.


**Items that are returned and are not defective will have the original shipping cost and any credit card processing fees deducted from the amount to be refunded, along with a restocking  fee of 25%.  If that percentage is less than $10.00 then $10.00 will be the the amount of the restocking fee.**

All Returns may be sent  
Signature required to :

                            256 Jefferson Davis Highway
                            Aiken, South Carolina 29801


Email addresses are posted below.  Any emails that we receive without a subject line or with a none motorcycle related subject line will not be opened and will be deleted from our data base.  Emails with attachments will also be deleted without being opened.  

Contact Information

256 Jefferson Davis Highway
Aiken, South Carolina 29801
Phone 803 663 4900
Customer Service: service@ohvmcparts.com 
Online Auction Matters: auctions@ohvmcparts.com 


Links are provided as a courtesy and shall not be interpreted as an endorsement. OHVMCPARTS makes no representation or warranties as to if the information accessible via this website is accurate, complete, or current nor are we responsible for any information or opinions published on any website linked to or from this website. OHVMCPARTS is not liable for any damages, losses, or expenses of any kind which may arise through access to or use of this website or through your downloading of any materials on this website. Your linking to other websites is at your own risk.

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